The 1st all-in-one acceleration platform for Enterprise Technology startups.


Axeleo Scale is an 18-month integrated business acceleration program supported by seasoned entrepreneurs and our VC funds. The biggest challenge faced by a startuper is the phase of scaling his company past the MVP and the first set of deals closed. This phase is hard, full of uncertainty, everything goes faster.

To succeed at this stage, the company needs to get organized : sell the right offer, deploy a repeatable sales process, build a solid foundation, and rely on middle managers for execution. Founders can no longer do all the work, but they need to grow personally and get the right mentoring and help. Axeleo Scale is a business acceleration program that supports startups in this phase, preparing them for their Series A and the subsequent hypergrowth. We pick 8 to 10 new startups per year over a +1500 applications dealflow.

A full service organization & seasoned entrepreneurs
For startupers who find all the resources, including funding, they need to launch their startup's business on an hypergrowth trajectory.

A tailored business acceleration program
Driven by a dedicated and committed Startup Manager and supported by the full resources of Axeleo's team and network during 12 to 18 months.

Iterative invesment to support growth
Axeleo Capital funds startups when they enter the program, and provides an ongoing commitment with timely follow-on funding.

A special focus on business development
A structured go to market methodology to grow and organize the sales team and close business.



Dominante Technologique

Numérique, technologies logicielles et communication

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Réalisation d'un MVP

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1 an à 2 ans

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Candidature au fil de l'eau

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73 rue de la République, 69002, Lyon Station F, 5 parvis Alan Turing, 75013, Paris

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